RGB color model

The RGB color model is an additive model in which Red, Green and Blue (often used in additive light models) are combined in various ways to reproduce other colors. The name of the model and the abbreviation "RGB" come from the three primary colors, Red, Green and Blue. These three colors should not be confused with the primary pigments of red, blue and yellow, known in the art world as "primary colors".

The RGB color model itself does not define what is meant by "red", "green" and "blue", and the results of mixing them are not exact unless the exact spectral make-up of the red, green and blue primaries are defined. The color model then becomes an absolute color space, such as sRGB or Adobe RGB;

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Supported color formats:

  • HTML
  • HEX
  • Delphi Hex
  • Visual Basic Hex
  • RGB
  • RGB Float
  • HSV (HSB)
  • HSL
  • Long
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